About the Auditor
The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family

Cory Johnson was born and raised in Cambridge.  In 1999 he graduated from Cambridge High School and with honors from Kent State University in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in business management.  

Cory and his wife Kayla were married in 2017, and have two children.  Both he and his wife are active members of the Cambridge Rotary.

Cory worked in accounting and finance in the construction equipment industry for 16 years.  For the last four of those years, he was the retail finance manager.  Since March of 2022, he has been a Deputy Auditor and the Settlement Clerk for the Guernsey County Auditor.  Cory is excited for this new opportunity to serve the residents of Guernsey County. 

Being County Auditor comes with a great deal of fiscal responsibility.  With the seemingly never-ending price increases of everything today, Cory understands every dollar is important.  He would like to assure everyone that the Auditor’s office is accessible through the website, by phone, in person, and that he and his staff will be there to assist in any way possible.

As your Guernsey County auditor, he will make sure to do the job to the absolute best of his abilities every single day!

The Oath of Office
Auditor  Cory Johnson was sworn in by Cambridge Municipal Court Judge,
John Mark Nicholson, on December 7, 2022